Friday, July 17, 2009

*Drum Roll*

So! I did my little drawing of winners this morning. I couldn't figure out a more precise way to to do it, so I wrote everyone's names on scrap paper and put 'em in my trusty knit hat, shook 'em around. I'm not sure if there was a more technical procedure to use for that sort of thing? Probably so. But scrap paper does me just fine, as long as you all don't mind.


So, y'all can hit me up at to let me know where I should be sending goodies. And I will write back to let you know when you should be expecting them.

Happy Friday!

Edited: I hate to steal the thunder for these beautiful girls. I recieved a phone call this evening. Remeber my DEXA scan back in June? They finally called me with the test results.
I have osteoporosis. I am turning 21 in October. And I am an old woman already.
I'm trying so hard not to cry anymore over this. It's only in a few bones and it will most likely be reversible given my age and the probability that my bones were actually worse than they are now and are in the process of improving densisty wise.
This is my nightmare. I'd rather have any other health problem - give me anemia, my arrythmic heart - any of those I can accept. But this. This is heart breaking.
I hope I can fix it. I hope so badly. But now, I'm not sure my hope will ever be enough.


  1. Aww yay congrats to the winners! I am so bummed that I missed out on this one in my recent fug of being grumpy and not paying attention - but I love you to bits Tori and your awesomeness never fails to amaze me. Would you mind if I emailed you? Have a few Qs and email is more personal than commenting. <3 you! xxxx

  2. can i email you to?? your so inspiring xxxxxxx

  3. NO WAY! are you serious?! I NEVER WIN THINGS I AM SO HAPPY. emailing you in like 2 seconds....

  4. congrats to the winners! That picture is beautiful Tori!

  5. So I am just catching up because last night I was so ti-ti and needed to get in bed. Anywho, this will be a response to both this post and your last!

    First off, conrgats to your winners! So excited for them! Secondly, I'm so sorry about the tidbit of news. I know that it must feel so incredibly saddening but use it as that reminder to NEVER allow yourself to get back to that place. I know that with all the AMAZING work you've done and with how much you've done for your body that it will hopefully be less serious. Regardless, I'm sending huge hugs your way right now!

    Okay so back to yesterday's post. OMGGGGG I am SO excited that you are officially a girlfriend! I am so darn fricken proud of you for absolutely everything! It sounds like you have been having SOOO much fun! I mean hopping in a suit for the first time in forever and struttin' your stuff and enjoying every minute of it! And while your cals may have slipped a few nights, atleast you were out LIVING LIFE! That in itself is amazing and you've been on top of things by coming home and getting in those missed cals when you knew you needed them. And ahhh I'm just so happy for all the things you've overcome...fear foods and the little bites here and there that really don't need to be counted! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! You're so incredibly dedicated to your recovery and nothing will change that. And while those little things, like feeling like you have to eat more than the boy, might get to you every once in a while, when it boils down to it, it's so unimportant and you know what you have to do for YOU.

    All in all, it sounds like you have found a truly amazing guy for you. Someone who accepts every little part of you and can embrace all the wonderful little intricacies! I think that despite the comments you mom made in front of him, they probably just went in one ear and out the other. I'm sure that it wasn't something he was dwelling on. If anything, he probably respected the honesty in the relationship between you and your mom and your mom's love and concern for keeping you a healthy, happy girl! :) I mean I agree that it was uncool and not something that needed to happen in front of him but maybe she felt it was so that he could vouch for you. If anything, I would just mention it and let her know that ain't cool. haha

    Okay so I couldnt be more excited for you if you couldn't already tell. haha Giant hugs girl! Wish I could come over and gab about the boy ;)