Monday, July 6, 2009

Good things.

Oh my gosh!
I am SO happy right now - can't even put into words.
Yesterday, I hung out with my friend Liza. She's actually my older brother's friend from high school so she's 29. She has recovered from anorexia herself, so that's how we became friends. My brother told her about how I was struggling so much all those months ago, and she offered to take me out for coffee and such around my birthday - to help me see that it was truly possible to have a life after anorexia. She's married, has a job and is going to school to become a psychologist.
Anyways! I hadn't seen her in a few months and yesterday she dropped by and wanted to take me out to Starbucks for coffee. I really didn't feel like getting anything though as I'd just eaten lunch. So, we were sitting outside on the patio. A girl comes out of the Bucks and says to me "Excuse me, this is going to sound really weird - but the guy inside with the glasses thinks you're really cute. If you could go inside and talk to him, it would totally make his life. If not, this conversation never happened."
So, I went inside. Ordered a drink and tried talking to the kid.
Apparently he is very shy and the few words I managed to get out of him were barely audible.
So, I go back outside like "Why is it that guys always get so super shy around me?"
Liza says to me "You know what, I'll go inside and get his number. Maybe he won't be as nervous talking to me."
So Liza goes back inside and I'm sitting there like "Is she really going to do that?"
Another guy comes out. I'll call him Tim for the sake of making the story easier to tell. So Tim says to me "Did your friend just go inside?"
"Oh well she's asking the guy behind the register for his number for you."
"Really? Fun stuff, I didn't think she was serious."
"You know, I do that all the time to my friends. I have no shame and I'll go right up to a girl and ask for her number for them. They get so mad at me. It must be different for girls I guess? You seem pretty cool with it."
"Hah yeah...well I'm outside, he's inside. He won't know if I turn 10 shades of red."
"Ah well, he's a real good guy, you should give him a chance."
"Yeah? Okay, I think I will."
Then Liza comes back outside. Number in hand.
Tim goes back inside and I'm fairly certain he was talking to boy behind the counter with the glasses about me.

Annnnd I called him last night.
We're going out on Wednesday night - to the beach and out for dinner.
Holy shit.
I think I like being healthy.


  1. Hell yeah you like being healthy!!!
    I'm so excited for you!

  2. This is amazing <3

    There IS life after anorexia - better than we could've ever imagined!

  3. Tori there are no words to describe how ecstatic this makes me! This is YOUR life, not anorexia's. Stay happy! Much love

  4. awwwwh *hugs* this is so sweet :)
    See all the awesome opportunities you get from being healthy? You're LIVING again! I hope it all goes well for you ^^ xxx

  5. TORI! I am SO happy for you - you are AMAZING. <3 love you so much!"

  6. UGHHHHHHHHH This is the best post ever!! :P

    My face lit up and I got all excited! A beach & dinner date? Awesome

  7. Ohhh thats fantastic!!!! Its so good to hear you happy, its really exciting!!!

  8. Tori!!! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading and I"m soooooo soooooo happy for you!!!!!!
    I'm sorry you struggled a bit in the last week, but you've really come so many miles from where you were and have been through so much. You're seriously one of the strongest, most unbelievably amazing and insightful girls I've ever "met", so thank you so much for always reminding me that our lives are really worth it.
    Coffee shop guys are adorable, I really hope you enjoy your date! The shy ones are the best too. I need to start hanging out at coffee shops more, my best friend met a great guy that way last week.
    I'm off to make some breakfast inspired by your high cal creations, since I"m still feeling my cramming from last night (eesh :/) and that's not going to happen tonight.
    Can't wait to hear about your date!

    lotsa love :)

  9. Aw, that's wonderful! I can't wait to hear about everything - coffee shop guys are the best. And : healthy is the best!

  10. so cute! can't wait to hear all about it!!! being healthy rules!

  11. oh my god tori this put such a huge smile on my face. i am so so happy for you. of course it is possible to be healthy again and FULLY RECOVERED! you can do this hun. life is so worth living. i hope you have a wonderful time on wednesday

  12. Best post EVERRRR! Ahhhh I'm so excited for you girl - you totally deserve this :D
    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  13. ah! this was such a cute recap! i love it :) im so happy for you tori. you deserve all the happiness that recovery can bring, and more. i can't wait to hear about it later!

    <3 brooke

  14. That is beyond cute, good for you!! I really hope you have a lovely time with him :)

  15. Holy shit this is the BEST story ever! Healthy looks damn good on you girl and I CANNOT wait to hear all about this little date you have going on. Life is SO possible with ED and you my love are going to have it! :)


  16. hey tori!
    i'm so happy that you're feeling great and that you met guy-with-glasses :P isn't it fantastic when little thoughts like, i feel so healthy and i like it!, pop into your head? i felt and thought that the other day when i had a dance class and it was such a realization for me how being healthy made me feel so good.
    i hope that wednesday goes really great for you. you deserve it :)
    all the best,

  17. that's so awesome tori, i'm so happy for you :)
    isn't it great when little thoughts like, i like being healthy! i feel good right now!, pop into your head? i felt that way dancing the other day, and it was such a realization. i hope wednesday goes super well for you :)
    all the best,
    jee :)

  18. oops... ok to explain why i commented twice :P ---- i wrote the first comment, and then it wouldn't post because i wasn't signed into wordpress, so then i signed in, and then went back to this page where i thought i had to re-write my comment, so i did, then posted it, and then realized my other post had already been published!! oops :S ah well. extra good wishes coming your way :)
    take care,

  19. hello my love!!!!

    omg HOW EXCITING!!!!! yay for you-- that is just so awesome!!!!!!!
    xoxoxox j

    ps.. for some reason my site feed is not workin but i am updating!!!!! xoxoxo

  20. yayy tori i'm so glad to hear you're doing well!
    thanks for the comment and keep up the positive ed-free mindset. you've come SOOOOOOOOOOOO far since we've been in touch and i'll never forget the first note you wrote me motivating me with recovery. this boy better treat you amazingly because youre quite the prize and have fun with this date as a marker of the many new experiences you're about to live ahead.

    love you! and i'll be following you as usualxx

  21. this was a truely inspiring amazing post. i am so proud of you tori.
    "I think I like being healthy." :D