Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NYC, New Job, New Classes.

Wow. There is so much to talk about, I feel like I don't even know where to start. Well, I'll start with my fabulous day yesterday. I took the train into the city and spent the afternoon with our lovely Jemima. My train arrived like 10 minutes early actually, so I wandered around Grand Central, only semi-freaking out about what to do with myself and worrying about Jemima getting lost, the possibility of missing her in the crowd of people. But, after my second lap around the main concourse, I saw a girl and her mother sitting on a ledge. I walked a bit closer in my pathetically veiled attempt at getting a better look to see if it was her. Well, I took about three steps before she jumped up and ran towards me. (phew!) Spent the day walking around, got lunch and stopped for frozen yogurt from Red Mango. For real, my first time there and I think I just fell in love with that stuff. I had plain with dark chocolate chips and strawberries. It was soo good. Plus they really loaded on the chocolate which made me rather happy haha. I admit, I have chocolate every day, and I like it that way. I'm really proud that I also managed to purchase my self a sweater. OK it was $12 from H&M. Not the big expenditure my mother had instructed. But baby steps folks! Next time. All in all, a wonderful afternoon. Took me a while to find my way back to Grand Central, and I ended up missing my 3:07 train and had to take the 3:25 instead. It was all good though, I stopped in to get myself something to drink and found possibly the greatest muffins ever. Who knew that they sold frosted carrot cake muffins? I sure didn't! I had to contain my excitement about my discovery because I really wanted a muffin to begin with, and finding a carrot cake one made me think "Did God read my mind and decide to just plant these here?". I being my neatnik self chose to eat mine out of a coffee cup with a fork. I looked slightly silly on the train I'm sure, but its a bumpy ride and I made it through without frosting my nose or dribbling crumbs all over my favorite dress.

Fast forward to today: First. Day. Of. School. I haven't been to college in a year and a half. My first attempt- Pratt '06 was a massive fail. I was there for three weeks before my weight had plummeted so low that I was deemed a hazard to myself and to have on campus. Fall of 2007, I tried going to the local community college. I managed to last a semester there, but I was struggling immensely. My weight fell pretty low, but I stuck with school. I started the second semester, lost more weight within 2 weeks and was forced to resign myself from school and go into IP. I came back three months later, audited my former painting class and yes, again, had to bring that to a halt because of yet another relapse.
Do we see my fear? I do. I know I am different now. I make a concerted effort to eat enough each day. But I'm scared that between this and working, I may not be eating enough. Silly, embarrassing question: Did any of you find that when introducing school and work back into your life, you needed to eat even more to keep up with yourself?

The job is going well. At least as well as things can go at Wal-mart. I've experienced just about every bad situation one can run into within my first few days as an employee. Receipt printer ran out of ink, items without price tags, insane customers, etc. And I'm still going strong. Apparently, so far I have already made my place as being one of the favored cashiers. Woo! I have met some truly nice people. Several customers who had complaints about my service managers' way of dealing with them came back to also tell me that when they made their complaints to the Service Desk - they made sure to specify that the cashier Victoria was lovely and one of the friendliest people they'd encountered at the store. So hopefully, despite my knack for also catching lots of technical issues, the fact that people like me and that I'm generally pretty efficient will mean they decide to keep me as an employee (I'm on 90-day probation right now)

Also, an elderly woman came through my line. She spent a legit 10 minutes showing me photos of her grand kids and great-grand babies. She pointed to her grand-daughter in her wedding dress and told me that would be me some day, and that eventually I'd be the crazy lady showing off all these photographs. It was sweet.

An elderly man also came through my line, later that night. I was tired and hungry. Not necessarily crabby, but I wasn't much for smiling at that point. I just wanted to go on my 15 minute break and eat my sandwich. He tried to make me laugh and when I smiled he told me "You have the most beautiful smile. Getting to see it just made my day."

As crazy as the masses can be, you do find some really great people every now and again.


  1. I would say, given your high metabolism, up your calories just a bit with school and work. I have worked in retail and as a cashier, and even if it doesn't feel like you're doing much, just spending the whole day standing and not being able to sit burns way more calories! Also, with school, I know I walk around a lot from class to class, so maybe nibble on a Larabar or Luna bar or something in between classes? Just a thought. Anyway, I'm glad things are looking up for you!!! I leave in 2 days to go back to school, and I'm scared shitless, so you're not the only one!

  2. Wow! You seem to be doing great, one of the favorite cashiers already! Please enjoy these little highlights:) And please remember to take good care of yourself, maybe a bit extra now. You know what your body needs! Keep on going, xxx Julia

  3. "Did any of you find that when introducing school and work back into your life, you needed to eat even more to keep up with yourself?"

    With all the walking at school, and working for nutritionist and I consider BOTH of those exercise! (Even being a cashier at Panera!) So I tend to include an extra bar (ie. cliff, luna, lara.) on the days that I work, and if I am working an EXTRA long shift I buy myself a smoothie or a sweet iced coffee to sip on.

    I'm with you on the school thing...I haven't had luck in the past with balancing school and weight, but it's a different time, and we are both in different places. So best of luck, and I have faith in you!!!


  4. Aha wow that actually sounds so cool! I love it when you meet random, friendly people who are so warm to you even though you are a stranger! I can completely relate with the school thing. I am on my second week back at school after summer and eating is incredibly difficult, just to find the TIME to shove food into your mouth! There's always something going on, somewhere you've got to be, people you have to go and talk to about various things. I feel rushed off my feet until half past 3! Glad you're doing ace though and it's cool you got to meet Jemima! :)

  5. that is amazing that you and jemima met! i know how much you guys connect on, and i was so happy reading about the fun time you had, fro yo with chocolate chips YUM! you are amazing girly


  6. What a post! So many things going on, I'm having trouble keeping up. x) All I can say is:

    Welcome back to college. Welcome back to "the real world" (work). Welcome back to your LIFE!

    You've come so far and proved all the naysayers wrong. :

    Oh, and I do feel hungrier when my schedule picks up. We may not think much about standing around more or scribbling over a notebook, but it can still be exhausting!

  7. that is so cool that u went into nyc and met the amazing jemima.i know how much u both connected and supported each other through each of ur wonderful. i am so proud/happy for u .fro yo, lunch, CARROT CAKE MUFFIN with frosting. on the train.omg sounds amazing :) u are wonderful tori. xo

  8. Hey! Sounds like everything's going really great. I'm so happy for you!
    I so wish I could have been there when you and Jemima met! I bet it was a ton of fun. I travel to NY for work sometimes so when I read Jem was visiting I was disappointed it didn't fall at the same time as a work trip. Ah well, next time I'll def let you know when I'm there.

    Do be careful with all the activity, I think our bodies are already abnormal in the amount of calories they burn and then activity increases even minimally and they suddenly burn exponentially more. I always lost weight when classes would start up and still lose weight when I go on work trips even though all I do at work is sit for hours. Even simple things like stress or a change in eating schedule can throw things off so be sure to eat extra snacks or fit in more calorie dense items when time is short.

    Good luck with your fall classes, I know you'll become the star student :)

  9. awww what a lovely man, the kindness of starngers amazes me sometimes

  10. On bad days, having a friendly helpful cashier really can make a huge difference!!! So keep up the great work!! =)
    Anyway, have fun at school and all the best with work!

  11. great to hear this tori :) i like where this is going! stay strong and never give up

  12. Working on checkouts in a grocery store is certainly never dull eh?
    I adore some of my customers...
    though there are a fair few that make me want to hide.

  13. Meeting you made my trip, seriously <3 Despite the fact I am NEVER attempting to navigate around NY ever again. I found out when I got back to my hotel that Bloomingdales is 3rd avenue, not 5th, which explains why it er.. wasn't there. Lots of love and I shall email you my dear. You're awesome.

  14. So glad/jealous you met up with Jem!

    And yes! I have to add extra when I start school because my brain burns calories when I'm thinking/doing homework/studying.

  15. Talk about one seriously amazing post! I mean first off, to meet Jemima and have such an incredible time together in NYC...doesn't get any better than that!!! Then treating yourself to Red Mango, which totally rocks my socks. Heck yes for topping it with tons of mini chocolate chips :) We do love our yogurt with those mini little guys! hehe And while it wasnt a huge expenditure it was something for YOU and that's what matters. It's all about baby steps, right? Right!

    Haha I love the muffin story. I probably would have eaten it all neat and dorky too, but that's the way I like it so ya!

    In regards to school, I literally could not be more excited for you. I know that it's probably such a rush to come back to school after so many experiences that did not end in your favor but look to this time as an opportunity to make up for all the previous experiences. You WILL do it and you will get through, and with flying colors I might add. Of course, you may feel fearful what could happen but if you think positively and believe in yourself nothing bad will come. And yes, I definitely felt that when school and work were heavy in my life, I definitely had to eat more. It's just what I needed to do in order to maintain a healthy weight. It's all about keeping up the job of maintaing your health on top of the other jobs like school and work. If i can do it, you can do it :)

    And last but not least, yay for the job. I'm so happy you have so much indepedence in your life right now. It's great that you have something to keep you busy as well as a place where you can mingle and socialize with interesting people. Despite all the uh ohs on the first few days of work, I think you did wonderfully and your customers could vouch for you. I can guarantee you brighten up the Wal Mart experience for the majority of its customers!

    Big hugs!

  16. haha, I would have been impatient with that lady, but that is SO admirable and cool how you were so sweet and nice to her.
    And COOL that you got to have a meet-up! YAY!!

    p.s. I have this REd Mango card, in which you collect points to earn a free froyo whenever you use it when you're purchasing a REd Mango froyo...let me know if you'd like it and I'll send an invitation to you! Totally free, and very cool!