Tuesday, September 1, 2009

48 hours plus some extra days.

So! I have been a very busy girl. I am SO sorry for not commenting people back, but I have been reading. Just not had the mental energy nor time to keep up to date with commenting.

In the past week, I have:

Been in a car accident. But I'm fine! Just a little tap to the rear kinda thing with a Nissan.
Worked 32+ hours within a four day time span. Apparently, getting out of work at 10PM has become more like 10:30 or 11PM.
Had three classes, and even aced my pretest for Algebra yesterday.
Started an art project based on the Brave Little Toaster (will update with pictures of my sketches and my low/high relief carving)

In the past 36 hours, I have:
Broke up with Daniel
Eaten whatever I damn well wanted because I knew I needed calories and was in no mood to be caring about how much fat or protein I needed (yours truly brought a 3-cup tupperware container filled with my mom's homemade pasta salad, a can of tuna, a chocolate bar and a Larabar to work that night)
Is now dating Daniel again.

Those italic ones sent me through a loop. Big drama about us being too serious and him being afraid of getting hurt, so on and so forth. Being the way I am, I do not see anything as being pressure. My views of love and relationships may be skewed, I don't know. I tend to want to just let things come and go as they may and I like to see where life takes me. I don't force things or push for them to happen. At least not in that sense. So it was hard for me to be able to accept his logic. Just as it was hard for him to understand how I could not be afraid. The break up biz lasted less than 24 hours. We walked and talked Monday night. I don't know why, but since I started school and work, I have become more and more like myself again - I am happy and full of life again. For awhile, despite my feeling better, I was kind of in a rut and felt pretty unhappy with my life because I didn't feel like I was really living it. Now I am. And I am happy, with or without a boyfriend. Anyways, long chat with the boy. And by the end of the night, we agreed that we had jumped into the boyfriend/girlfriend business too fast. And now we are just dating and getting to know each other better. Which truly works perfect for me. I was incredibly nervous about being in a relationship. I like him and all, but I have not had a real relationship in many years, so I am really glad that while he is still definitely going to be around and we'll be seeing each other - we both are still living our lives and not putting any sort of pressure into it.

I keep forgetting to do meal pics, but I'll let you all in on the secret pasta salad recipe:
Whole wheat pasta (my portion was about 1.5 cups)
4-5 chopped sun dried tomatoes
Olives (OK I hate olives so I usually pick them out, but my mom does put them in there)
Sweet peas and broccoli
Handful romaine, shredded
Salad dressing
Spicy tofu (or other protein of choice - I occasionally do tuna instead)
Almonds (these last two are my own add ins)

Now - you mix all the pasta, veggies and nuts together (obviously) BUT for my tofu I like to do the following:
"Glaze" tofu in dressing first (I think Zesty Italian or Thousand Island work best), sizzle on the frying pan with a spray of PAM or bake on the grill wrapped in tin-foil. Roll in red pepper flakes while its still warm and a bit "sticky". Cut into cubes and put on top of salad. Drizzle whole thing with a bit more dressing.

Edit: Woo! This was my 100th post! And what a doozy it was, huh?


  1. Hi there! I am SO SO sorry of my awful timing for emailing you the other day. I hope I didn't totally overwhelm you and please feel no pressure about responding. It was good to hear from you again and I'm glad you popped in to post. :)


  2. sorry for all the craziness thats been going on in your life lately. im glad you worked things out with the boy :)

    that pasta recipe looks delish- i am def going to have to try that soon (as in before i leave for school haha)

  3. hey i just came across your blog for the first time. Good job on battling that ED. I have definitely been there myself and it's good to hear about others going through the same thing. By the way you're absolutely beautiful and i love your tattoos :)

  4. Ah I'm glad to hear youre doing so much with yourself, can't wait to see pics of this art project Tori :) x

  5. Dear Tori, I want to let you know that you continue to be my big inspiration:) The way you handle this situation is incredible! It's a good thing to start dating again if that's the best for your relation. And it's a great thing that you just ate what you wanted and what your body needed. Please take good care of yourself, especially being the busy girl you are know! And I'm glad you are OK after the accident... Love, xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  6. congrats of your 100th post my lady!!!
    once again its awesome to hear your still going storng and i can not agree with you more about feeling better about yourself when doing productive things like working or studying in life.
    sending you loads of love

  7. Glad to 'hear' you're doing well, despite the little drama going on... It's life ;)
    Congratulations on the 100th post!!! And I know I have read all of them! :D
    Continue as you are, because you are a big inspiration for all of us!!! <3

  8. i was very excited to see a new post on my follower reader thing from you, they are always enlightning for me

  9. i am so glad your happy it makes me so happy!! enjoy living...its what life is about! xxxx

  10. And your 100th post! Congratulations:)

  11. congrats on your 100th post
    LOVE your blog! LOVE your posts

  12. i am so happy that ur so happy and it is so so amazing how far u have come tori! sounds like the new job is working out well..meeting new people, interesting customers ;) and ur doing so well at making sure to eat ur meals etc..while at work, which is always something i thought "how will i eat if i have a job.." but u show that it is so do able. and u have come to that place in ur recovery that ur well enough/stable in recovery to work...so amazing. and i know I KNOW! there will be so so much beautiful things in ur future, ur just such an amazing woman.

    and that pasta recipe..sounds so good. love the add ins i agree...not a olive fan, but love the idea of almonds sun dried tomato and peas with dressing over pasta. yumm. always thought it looked good when u posted ur dinner :) have a great rest of ur week!


  13. Ok, congrats on your 100th post, and I'm happy to read this post, Tori, that you are doing well and are actually HAPPY with your life, with or without a boyfriend in it. That's critical that you found a permanent, inner peace within you that cannot be shaken by outside circumstances! YAY!

  14. i think thats a good way of having a relationship sometimes :) wee only young after all! xx