Monday, September 28, 2009


So, its been a hectic week or so for yours truly. Thus far, I've worked 30 hours, spent 20 hours working on a paper sculpture for my art class (and its not even finished!) and I've gone to school four days this week. I've also managed to squeeze in time to still have a social life. Never in my dreams did I think it was all possible for me to do all of this, and still maintain myself in recovery. But I'm doing it, I'm really doing it. The best part of all this is that my biggest achievements and crowning glories are no longer things that are food related. Sure, I can measure PB without the tablespoon measure anymore. I can eat an apple without wondering "Is it bigger than the one I had yesterday?" Hell, I can even go to IHOP for brunch with the boy, despite having eaten my own breakfast at 6:30 that morning (pancakes for lunch? Oh yes I did) without much of a second thought.
The things I am proud of, feel good about right now:
I am actually PASSING algebra so far this semester.
And I am ruling my Sculpture class.

Paper Sculpture - 3/4 of the way done. 300 squares of folded and rolled paper right thurr.

On top of that - I have received the Kreativ blogger award from two lovely, beautiful girls - Julia and Eliza.

So! Seven fun facts about me:

1. My eyes change color very frequently. Sometimes even within a day, I'll go from having a bright green with a ring of a terra cotta brown in the middle, to eyes that are golden brown and red (I kid not.). Or vice versa. People often think that I wear contacts.

2. My favorite thing to do is going to local concerts. I started going to shows in town - local punk, hardcore and ska bands - when I was like 13. I still love going, even though the venue in my town was shut down. It was what I missed most when I was too entrenched in ED to go. Its hard to explain, but music frees me. My favorite shows are ska shows. Skanking is the hyper active, friendlier brother of moshing. And its the most fun you'll ever have if you let yourself go enough to try it out.

3. I moved twice when I was 17. First to Charlottesville, VA to live with my older brother, and then to NYC to attend Pratt in Brooklyn.

4. I read incredibly fast. I actually read "Atlast Shrugged" in about three weeks. Its around 1100-1200 pages. Go me.

5. I had pneumonia when I was 14. I still have scar tissue in my left lung from it. My doctor told me I'd never be able to run again. I now run 3-4 miles two or three days a week. (And now I also eat PLENTY to make up for it)

6. My father and I are born exactly 40 years apart from each other. We were also both the youngest children in our family growing up. My mother and brother are born exactly 30 years apart from each other, and were both the oldest children growin up in their families.

7. Loosely translated - my name in Italian means "Victory for the stars". Sweet little irony there eh?


  1. That sculpture is WILD!!!
    I'm so happy to see you happy!!!

  2. love the sculpture tori! feels great to hear such positive things from you. and next time you habve pancakes for lunch may i join you? sounds fabulous! you deserve to live this beautiful life hun more than anything!
    thinking of you

  3. you've come on leaps and bound, great to hear your out enjoying life and getting on with things.
    Love your sculpture, its very creative :-)

  4. That sculpture is beautiful. And isn't it great that you are 'just' enjoying your life?! I love it! Take care, stay strong, xxx Julia

  5. that sculpture is amazing, i love it! :)
    that is exactly why i gave you this award, you are amazing, so inspiring, not measuring your nut butter, not caring about stupid ed things, and spontaneously going out for pancakes! that is what i want in my future :) love you babe.
    and love the facts, that is so cool about your b-day and dad's and mom b-day and brother!! and love when peoples eyes are like that my best friends eyes changed its so cool, mine are just always brown. :)

    lots of love xo

  6. That sculpture is fantastic:) You are seriously inspirational, Tori!!! Glad you're living it up!

  7. Pancakes for Lunch INDEED!!!! You are rocking that sculpture class too... i would not want to go against you on the origami front in the least. Also, while I dont get the contact lens thing, my eyes change too. I think it really depends on what were wearing that day maybe. Something like "This shirt makes my eyes pop"

    Do you play any instruments? If not you should learn, music is indeed freeing and there is nothing like putting yourself into a song that youv'e written as a great outlet.

  8. My eyes change colour lots too! And I love your paper sculpture! Art is awesome, I love the course but it uses up so much time! Sitting doing something creative makes the time fly by it's scary don't you think? :) xxxx

  9. What a great way to start my day... hearing how well you are doing!
    I love seeing you positive, Tori.
    Your sculpture is amazing. Take care and keep it up!!!

  10. Wow your sculpture is sooo beautiful!
    Congrats for the award! (Is there an award you DIDN'T recieved????!)

    I too read really REALLY fast!


  11. i LOVE that you go skanking! SO FUN!!! haha. also, thanks for the support. i was going down the wrong path and now i am finally out of the woods and running towards the sunlight! (ok. wow. that was sooo cheesy of me. but whatever.)

    that's awesome about IHOP, and sculptures, and your birthday weirdness with your dad and then w/ your brother and mom. i share my birthday with my aunt, cousin, and my dog, so i guess that's my birthday oddness.

    have a wonderful week and weekend, Tori! I still wear the necklace you sent me. I call it my "recovery" necklace!