Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello lovelies! I had the best day yesterday.
I started off my morning with an awesome breakfast, my way of anticipating good things is always to start the morning off with something that I love.

Polished off the box of Kashi Go Lean with some cinnamon, soy milk, banana slices, coconut flakes and PB. Alongside there is my usual cuppa' with Hazelnut creamer.

After breakfast, I did some housework and started getting ready to head off to the train with boy. Of course, girl was not about to leave the house on an empty stomach. I had a green apple and a PB sandwich on whole grain bread. No pic of that, its pretty self explanatory.
Boy picked me up on time (woo! good job!) and we went off to the train. Its about an hour and half ride to NYC. Then, to my surprise, boy's friends also got on the train at the stops in their respective towns. We had a little party going on in the back of the N car. It definitely made the ride go by much faster.
As we got off the train, I wondered how I would ever find who I was going to meet up with in the crowd of people. And then, I walked out the gate only to see two beautiful faces standing not 100 feet away.

Maya and Eliza!

OMG! They are so cute! We ran and hugged each other and it was awesome. we stood around chatting for so long that the boys went off to the bathroom and I kinda forgot to go along with them. Hah. We all know what takes priority! And chatting with friends you've never actual met before definitely outweighs following the boys around. I think the three of us spent like 5 hours literally just walking around chit-chatting. I had so much fun, Maya and Eliza are so sweet! I feel really lucky to have gotten the chance to go in to the city and hang out with them. We did lose the boy and his friends for awhile (which caused boy to go into panic because he then lost his friends as well...oops!) When we finally all reconvened at Rockefeller Center, we headed up to MoMA for Target Free Friday Night and spent awhile just walking around there. It was a really great day and it was a rather sad goodbye. On the bright side - we really don't live that far away from each other so I think more meeting up will be in the future.
Before the girls left, they gave me a present! Aww - I told you they were sweethearts! I was really surprised since meeting up with them was awesome enough for me.

ZOMG. I've been spoiled. Adorable little bag filled with all sorts of things I cannot find here in CT (ProBar, expresso chocolate brownie, mini-dark chocolate G&B,Cashew and Almonds Nut Butter balls {wha!!! I've never even heard of these before! But sounds awesome}, plus PBJ and German Chocolate lara's AND two squeeze packs of flavored PB. can you say whoa!) Plus two beautiful cards that are now taking up residence in my bedroom mirror (I keep all the good stuff tucked into my mirror for some reason, I guess so I can see it all the time)
I honestly had the best time yesterday - it was really great to spend an entire day with friends - especially two bloggie friends that I'm incredibly proud of and happy for.

Well. I've got to work today. I can guarantee at least one of those goodies will be tried out today :) Today may feel slightly mediocre after 3 days off and having a grand time in NYC yesterday, but hey! What can ya do. I'm off to go finish gettin' ready for another day at the 'mart. Fun times, for sure.


  1. Tori!! :) i had loads of fun yesterday! i am so happy that we got to meet,
    but yes! in the future definitely will be more fun times ;) I am so happy you liked the little gifts :) those nut butter balls are so good!:) and probars too!! love!
    but, i honestly had the best day yesterday i have had in so so so long, it was so great! you are so amazing and so beautiful and so cute! and as u know how much i admire you and how much of an impact you have made in my recovery and in my life!
    it was just so great to finally meet you(and Dan too! :)
    love you so much!!!
    and have fun at work, as i said i may just try to find a walmart in CT. lol. :p and surprise u one day lol..jk ;)


  2. Tori!! :D ahhh omg yesterday was amazing, had such a fun day with you, and the boys ;)
    i am so so so happy i got to meet such an amazing wonderful girl! no words can even describe how happy i was to meet you finally! :) i know we will def be seeing each other again!
    hope you enjoy all the goodies! :) the probar is amazing, and those nut butter balls are so yummi as well! :) as i said no tangible gift can ever equal how much you have given to me through your words, support and encouragement.

    i love you babe. and have a great day at work, haha as Maya said we may just have to hunt down a walmart in CT ;P

    love you ♥

  3. awww great meet up! I'm jealous!

  4. I just read about your day on Maya's blog too, so glad you got to meet the twins, and have a lovely day together. I totally agree with them about how truly inspiring you are in the blogosphere, you have been through so much and never cease to fight. Lucky you getting all those treats!

  5. Awww I'm glad you had a chance to meet!!!
    You should come up to UConn some time! =P

  6. That sounds like sooooooooo much fun! I've read three summaries of your day yesterday (yours, eliza's and maya's) and between the three of them, it sounds so amazing! Oh my, and New York City...Lucky duck...I'm so jealous!! I'm glad you got to go out and meet up with them!

    And your breakfast looked delicious! I've never tried PB on cereal...I've gotten so many food ideas from you. =] My parents won't let me be a vegetarian wtih my ED and all (they think i need more protein than that..w/e) but If i sneak it in in ways that make it seem not vegetarian "Oh it's just a PB and Carrot sandwhich..." Haha.

    It's amazing how many different foods are sold in just different states! They only sell Lara Bars at the Fresh Market and a few other stores by me...and I've never seen 18 rabbits and stuff like that. There aren't really as many organic food stores around me. It's so cool, though.

    Have a fantastic day! Sorry you have to work! I do too. =[ Boooooring!

    Lots of Love!

  7. Hi!!

    Oh my god, Eliza and Maya are soooo sweet! You are soo lucky to have met them and they are sooo lucky to have met you! I consider you as one of the best 'success story' and 'role model' :)

    I love the cards they made you! Is it handmade?

    I love your black 'square' bowl. Always wanted some 'fancy' bowls like this ;)


  8. hey! first off your breakfast looks so delicious, i love coconut shreds so much. second ohmygosh this sounds like it was so fun and amazing. the twins are the sweetest, it must have been great(: loving all those super yummy foods they gave you! so happy you all had such a great time! xoxo soph

  9. Sounds so great, wish II lived a bit closer too:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. aw such a sweet present! i was really excited when i read on their blogs that they got to hang out with you---and totally jealous too ;). sounds like a really fun day, hope you guys get together again soon!

  11. so beautiful, i love reading about things like this is makes my face light up with a huge smile its so cute

  12. Yay for you three!!!! Jealous, but oh so happy you all had a lovely time :)

  13. Sounds like a fun day! I've enjoyed reading your blog and you always have great smart responses on CC. Hope you don't mind another follower. Love the oats :)

  14. tori! so cool that you met up with fellow bloggers! i would LOVE to do that someday! hey, if you're ever in the washington dc or baltimore area, let me know! hehe.

    i miss your posts. glad you're on top of your game with your meals, etc. very inspiring to see.