Monday, January 25, 2010


Today is my first day back to school. This whole week is going to be freakin' crazy. I had to switch days at work with one of the ladies because my manager is RIDIC. I changed my Monday/Wednesday hours for 8AM to 12:30PM. Guess what he did? He wrote me in for being able to work til 12:30 IN THE MORNING!!! So guess who was scheduled to work right in the middle of their Monday and Wednesday night classes? Yours truly. I fixed it for today. But Wednesday...I'm not sure what to do. I'm scheduled 5:30 to 11. But, I have class 5 to 6:20. Sigh. I may just call out of work that day to save myself the possible trouble of missing class on the second day.

In other news, I do get to take Color Theory and Drawing this semester. So woo-hoo for that, right? Right.
And just for kicks, here's last night's dinner dessert:

Green and Black's Maya Gold. Dark chocolate with a hint of orange and spices, thank you Maya and Eliza! I can now freely admit, I really do love dark chocolate. I went 7 years without eating chocolate actually (first time I had chocolate again was just this past April!) so now whenever I do have it, I always want to make sure its something I enjoy. And this truly good stuff - it was slightly bittersweet and was a really nice way to indulge and treat myself at work. Seriously, with the day I had there the other night, chocolate was definitely warranted.

And now! I'm off to therapy. I haven't seen my therapist in at least 2-3 months? So I'm kind of looking forward to seeing him again.
Happy Monday!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your therapy appointment :) and glad to hear you got into a class you wanted!

    When I worked at McD's, I remember some schedule mishaps >> You'd think managers would know what they're doing, no? :P

  2. oh my goodness chocolate is so amazing--i don't know how we lived without it for so long!

  3. For some odd reason my computer isn't allowing me to see the picture, but just hearing the description it sounds delicious.
    Good good luck on your first day back! Just give all your teachers one of those kickass notebook elephants and they'll love you for sure. ;) Are you taking any math classes? Because if you aren't, that's definitely a plus. You've come such a long way, it's amazing!


  4. Hope things go more smoothly for your job, Tori!

    I think the chocolate must have tasted doubly good exactly because it was from the special girls! :D

  5. tori!!!!!!!!!!! stranger! i started school yeterday too. major crying attack! ahhh but how wa therapy? how are u? i luv u

  6. Yeah, I'm able to post comments again on blogspot...

    Great job for enjoying the chocolate. I have it at least once a day, so delicious:) Good luck with school and the job, hope everything will work out for you!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)