Monday, January 11, 2010


Oh man. I'm so sorry for the lack of posting!
I've had a miserable cold for the past week or so. Weak, coughing and my appetite has gone down the tubes. Its reaaallly frustrating. I've been surviving off of bulked-up soups, bowls of cereal and toast with peanut butter. I'm only just beginning to tolerate "real" food again.
So much to share with y'all though!
I went to the casino on Saturday night with the boy and three of his friends. The five of us crammed into a jeep and drove 2 hours north to go gamble and eat. At Bobby Flay's Burger Palace. I was the only girl in a group of guys.
I ate a turkey burger. And had sweet potato fries that were obviously not baked in an oven and I have no idea how many of them I ate, and I really don't care. They were just freakin' tasty. And I drank about a quarter of boy's Pineapple Coconut Rum milkshake. It was nine dollars! For a milkshake with liquor! But it was soo amazing. Thick, creamy, sweet and full of coconut flavor - honestly I would have gotten my own but $9??? Psh. I'd rather recreate it on my own dime.
The funny apart about that? I ate that AFTER having a small-ish dinner at home and figured on having just a little snack. To be truthful, my ED had been flaring up and trying to use my not feeling well as an excuse to undereat. But after sitting there with the boys, it hit me that I don't need my ED. I can trust myself, and my body just as they do theirs. And after my own estimations - I actually ended up hitting my usual calorie target by eating what I WANTED.
It is that night that I realized I needed to listen to my body more and my head less.
I decided to forego running this week as well. Because I'm still kind of sick, and to be honest - outside of a few fleeting moments of hunger - I still don't have much of an appetite. I've already lost a bit of weight from being sick, and I know I don't have it in me to fuel both running AND gaining back a few pounds. Logical solution: take a few days off from running and save myself the strain of having to eat back those calories plus the extra 400 I already needed to add in.

I'm really rather proud of myself for both of those things. Not too long ago, my ED would have balked at all of this. But in this moment, I know I've done what's best for me.

And now...New Year's Resolutions. To be honest, I haven't really made any yet. I know I want to make this year better. I want to continue along this vein of listening more and more to my body, and letting go of my safety net. I'm going to talk to my therapist to get his opinion on my ideas. I haven't talked to him in AGES. So I'm looking forward to the next visit. Well, as much as one looks forward to those sorts of things anyways.

Andddd school starts on January 25th. Vacation is going by way too fast. Sigh. I'm happy to go back honestly - it gives me something productive to do with my time. But I also hate the added pressures I put on myself. But I will survive it and move on to bigger and better things.

Happy Monday!


  1. Way to go for listening to yourself and your body! Please continue to take good care and get 100% well soon!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  2. tori,
    so proud of you, as always, you are amazing. ahh omg i love Bobby Flay he is adorable ;) and sounds liek such a great time!
    being sicky sucks, but you are so strong, and it is so strong of you for not going running and to know that you need to add back those calories.
    and your new years resolution is amazing! good luck at your therapy appointment!

    love you loads

  3. yes for listening to your body more and head less!!! sorry you haven't been feeling great, glad you're doing a bit better now. oh bobby flay, i love him!

  4. feel better doll! so proud of you for making all those HUGE accomplishments. do not belittle them--they were fantastic triumphs, espeically in the midst of illness! being sick can be such an awful factor in recovery, it can completely back track you. i'm so glad you were able to face it head on and tackle ED despite everything! you rock :]

  5. hey girl! sorry to hear you're sick, but good job for truckin along despite that!

    school starts for me on the 25th too. im nervous but also looking forward to having something meaningful to fill my time!

    have a great week :-)

  6. Every time I come to your blog, I feel so proud of you. You are so inspirational and strong! I can never tell you that enough...
    I am on the same page as you, ZERO appetite thanks to bronchitis but I've forced myself to eat.
    And yep, ED has tried to use my illness as a way to under eat. But we DO have to listen to our bodies and not our head. That is excellent advice.

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with your boy

    I send you hugs and love!

  7. this post makes me smile so much :)

  8. I am sooo proud of you! I Wish I could enjoy food and enjoy the taste..but I can't.. It's soo hard struggling right now. IT's a never ending battle. Will I ever let go? I don't knoww. =[

    hope to hear back soon!!

  9. you have so many things to be proud of. you are so strong for having the insight and awareness of "wrong" (ed) from right. <3 you.