Monday, March 15, 2010


So guys, I totally missed my own blog-iversary. In my defence - I worked a nine hour shift on Saturday and therefore was unable to post up properly. So I'm having my own belated-blog-iversary today.

One year (and two days) ago today, I started my blog. Little did I know that this blog would become such a huge part of my recovery. I started my blog as a way to become part of this community that I had seen forming - a community of people, eating disordered or not, that supported and helped each other, inspired each other to try new things and to overcome whatever issues they had. I never expected to have such a following that I have now, or that I would have so many readers who found me, of all people, to be inspiring. To be honest, it is YOU, my friends, who have always inspired me to stay strong and to keep going no matter what was going on with me inside.

Before I started blogging, I felt alone and like I had no one who understood what I was going through. There I was, at home, by myself day in and day out. Blogging gave me an out, a way to communicate with people that I didn't really have before. And it wasn't just people, but people who supported and encouraged me, people who gave me the strength to always believe in myself. You guys have no idea how many times I read, and re-read, comments from you. Whenever I'm doubting myself or not feeling so great, all I have to do is look back through my posts and see what you've written and it instantly lifts my spirits and makes me feel strong again. You've all helped me keep myself in check and you've all inspired me to be strongest person I can be.

I am truly glad and very grateful to be part of this ever-growing community. I feel a bit silly saying this, but I <3 my blog. And I adore and appreciate every single person that reads it.

(Celebratory breakfast: Fage 2%, dried figs, almonds, honey. Also had a muffin with PB and coffee...but yknow the almonds and honey was most important ^.^)


  1. Happy belated bloggaversary to you!!!! Glad this blog helped you so much! Have a great week!

  2. Happy blog birthday! So glad I found yours and I recognize the message in this post...I feel so blessed with this community too:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  3. happy blogiversavery!!! :D ahh i remember really clearly the day you started your blog hehe...i remember reading it, and ah it was like i barely knew you at all, wow now i feel like i know you SO well! it is crazy how you can get to know someone and become such great friends through blogging...your blog is really amazing, and i am so happy you started it, and you are still posting!! you are so darn cute with your celebratory brekkie!!! hehe almonds and honey of course, your blog name is perfect! i always loved it :)

    love you babe

  4. Happy blog bday hun! Yours was one of the 1st blogs I followed and following your journey has truly been so inspiring. I'm so glad you've found blogging to be a good outlet and source of support.
    Loveeeeee xoxo

  5. happy vlog day! tori, you've transformed into an even MORE beautiful, knowledgeable, and talented girl over these past 12 months... and i am so lucky to have met you.

    there have been countless times when i am feeling low or confused, but you are the girl i go to in need of strength and a reality check. i cannot thank you enough.

    i'm wishing you the very best, and to more almond & honey posts to come!

    i love you girly.
    XO brooke

  6. you have nooo idea what an impact you have made on not just me but soooo many out there the day you started ur blog i luv u. gotta fill me in on all the juicy gossip in ur life when u get a chance :-) almonds+honey !!!!!!!!!!!! i get it!!! hahah

  7. happy belated blogaversary tori!! i've really enjoyed seeing your progress over the last year :)

  8. Tori, I have hardly read many of your posts, I just found your blog a couple weeks ago, but I am happy that so many good things have come out of it! I hope the same can happen with me and my blog! Happy blog-iversary! :)

  9. Happy blogiversery! Thats too awesome, I have see you have come sooo far!

  10. happy blogiversary!! you are so great :]


  11. happy late blogersary!! thanks for all of your insight!!! lotsa luv!

  12. Haha, I forgot my own blogoversary too. Actually, I don't even know when that was. But happy birthday, dear Tori's bloggie! :D You're an AWESOME and beautiful contribution to this community, Tori! Keep up the great honesty and motivation! :D

  13. Happy late bloggaversary!!!!!!

    I've lurkerd your blog for quite a while now and only just started my own... :)

    Just want to say thank you! For being such an inspiration, so strong, positive and never giving up!

    Take care beautiful,


  14. Congrats on your blog-iversary, honey!
    Amazing post, as always ;)
    Have a great week!

  15. Almond and Honey are great together!
    Thanks for the idea, I put it on top of my oatmeal <3
    (Had to give you the credit) ;)