Saturday, April 17, 2010


Things to do in the next two weeks:

Tonight: work 3:30 PM til midnight. attempt to work on sociology final paper.
Sunday: work 9AM to 5PM. Hang out with the boy after work.
Monday: Strength training at the gym (I'm building mad muscle!). Work more on paper. Go to class 1-7PM. Best bud's 21st birthday party.
Tuesday: Continue working on paper. Go to class 1-4PM. Work 4:30-10PM.
Wednesday: repeat monday, but sans party and see the boy instead.
Thursday: Repeat Tuesday.
Friday: Go to the gym. Either finish off the sosh paper, or start my final project for drawing. Work 3:30-? Either nine or later.
Saturday: Do whatever it was that I didn't do on friday. Its a day off, so see the boy for sure and we may be gettin tattoos. LOL.
Sunday: work 11-4:30. Do final editing of the sosh paper and figure out what the heck I'm doing for presentation on Wednesday.
Monday: Strength training. Class. Meeting with group to further determine how to accomplish a smooth presentation and get our $$@%# together.
Tuesday: More drawing. Go to class. Work 4:30-10PM.
Wednesday: Strength-training. School. Do the group presentation and hand in my paper. Cross yo fingers for me! Probably see boy that night.
Thursday: School 1-4PM. Party with some of the friends I've made at school. I don't know where it is yet - either the hookah bar or somewhere else but I'm 99% sure I will have to google myself directions to print out .
Friday: Gym again. Further work on my drawing project. Work 4:30-10PM.

Busy much, eh? I also have to wedge in a therapy appointment and a haircut.
Doesn't mean I don't have time eat plenty though ;) And new things too!

I give you! My newest favorite grocery find: Nature's pride Whole Wheat bread. I used to be sworn to Ezekial bread, but the ever increasing price of it was just not for me. Plus, being truthful, I think it was an ED thing - I mainly ate that bread because it had a low sodium count and I was obsessed with that for some time. I have to be honest, and all you Ezekial fans will hate me, but this bread is 100X better. Soft, dense and chewy. Its lovely.
Thus my awesome snack this morning:

Slice o' bread with PB, 5-6 slices of smooshed banana, and cinnamon. Unpictured: rest of the banana and a glass of milk. I invented another version of this that I forgot to take a picture of. But seriously - you all must try a slice (or two...) of bread topped with smashed banana, a few TBS of crushed walnuts and a liberal pinch of cinnamon. Its like instant-banana bread.

And now! I have to go shopping for bras. That's probably an over-share. But I'm kind of excited. So yep. Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. wow that looks yummy. And you are busy but that def helps me not dwell on ED stuff so good for you! :)

  2. Awesome plans - sounds busy but fulfilling :) Loving the snack too - must try the smushed banana + walnut + cinnamon idea.

  3. good luck getting everything done, lovely ladyy <3

    hope youre doing well

  4. *Drooling*

    I love heart whole wheat bread. never tried ezekiel: my mom would kill me if I had the nerves to buy a 6$ bread.

    I gave you an award on my last post, feel free to fill it, but sounds like you have loads plans!!


  5. wow, you ARE busy!!! :) Have fun and enjoy every moment of this week! :)

  6. soo busy!!! but its a fun kinda busy, not torture, so i'm excited for you! haha. That mashed banana on bread looks SOOOOOO yummy!! I kinda want some right now.. hmm... :P

    Have a great week!!

    -A <3

  7. great agenda, sounds like you have everything All planned out ;) that bread sounds really good, i always have Ezekiel bread, i can honestly say i love it, i like the earthy and grainy/nutty(?) :) taste of it + the nutritional stats for protein etc are pretty great...oh and the ezek. English muffins w/out a doubt are just amazingly good...but i wouldn't mind switching it up, i am getting over that stupid sodium thing quite well, it is so silly! ahh any way ;] that "banana bread" creation sounds so good + that PB and nana creation looks freakin amazingly delicious!...i am def doing that! :]

  8. Wow, it's amazing how much you can get done and still move forward with recovery! Do you ever get overwhelmed, or maybe you relish being able to do so much? Either way, I'm impressed.

    (I'm Holly, by the way - sorry for posting out of the blue, but I've been following your blog for a few weeks, and just recently got an account :D )

  9. I absolutely love Nature's pride Whole Wheat bread! I prepare it with Dulce de Leche (which is a softer type of caramel) widely eaten in South America where I am from (more precise from Argentina). I recommend you try dulce de leche with bananas! it is like a piece of food that takes you straight to heaven!

  10. Wow girl you are so so busy! Try to squeeze some fun time in there too :)

  11. jsut found ur blog and i love it! i wish u all the luck on ur road to health. xo love

  12. Haha! Honestly, I'm so sick of ppl ONLY eating Ezekiel's freaking expensive, and though it IS yummy...totally not worth the price! I adore Nature's Pride bread, and I have won a year's supply, so will be very sad when this year is over.

    P.s. the BEST is the Nutty Oat flavor! Try that next time! :-)