Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey hey its a Giveaway!

So, as many of you may or may not know, my beautiful friend Coco over at Hot Coco(a) is doing an awesome give away via CSN stores. One lucky entrant will receive a $40 gift card to one of their 200+ stores across the country. If you haven't heard of CSN - its the kind of place where you can buy anything you want, from clothes and shoes to furniture and other accessories. So, all you have to do in order for a chance to win is go to her blog and comment here
Since Coco is my girl, I think ALL of you who read this should totally hit this up ^.^

Nowww back to a usual Tuesday afternoon folks. I'm getting ready for work after a nice sesh at the gym (I can totally see biceps forming. I'm so excited!)
And a funny story: This guy who came into my work on Saturday night recognized me from the gym. I hadn't really seen him before until then but hey - he knew me so I talked with him. I was doing re-stock so I stopped to help him find and pick out a trash can upon request. Cute huh? Then, today I actually did see him. Apparently we were both running a bit late this morning. Anyways, I waved and such. Went to go to do my 15 minutes of running before leaving. And he appeared on the treadmill next to me. Bwuh? So I spent the whole time talking to him. After I finished, he looks at me and says "Are we done now?" I said yes. Then he goes "Good. I don't usually do this...I just wanted to talk to you."
AWW. lol I've never seen anyone go through that much trouble to talk to me. I'll admit I was suspicious of his motives when I was nearly doubling his pace. But it was really cute. And just another reminder that happy and healthy is totally more attractive than anything else.

I really think I need to make myself a name tag for work that says "Not Interested" instead of "Victoria" though. >.>

Happy Tuesday! And don't forget to enter to win!


  1. Indeed; happy and healthy is totally attractive!

  2. Thanks for the update on the giveaway! Hope you are having a great weekend