Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Recap?

There are many things I want to say. And I almost don't even know where to start. So much has happened since I last posted. I should really be more frequent with my posting so I won't have to recap an entire month's events.

Suffice to say, I am no longer dating anyone. The boy I'd been seeing ditched me for a date (July 9th if we're going to get technical). He stopped speaking to me mid-conversation after I called him out for lying to me about the reason why he was ditching me. I knew. A few days later, thanks to my facebook newsfeed - I found out he was now in a relationship with another girl. His number has since been deleted. And thanks to my friends (whom he happened to work with) - I found out that the aforementioned girl dumped him on his birthday.
Ain't karma something else?
I met a boy at the bar a few days later that somehow renewed my faith in people's ability to be honest. He's currently in prison for a misdemeanor. I sure can pick em, huh? But regardless, it was probably the most understood I think I've ever felt by someone, especially someone I'd only just met. Its weird how you can spend just a night, talking to a total stranger and somehow they change you. I honestly believe things happen for a reason and that the people we meet, even if only for a short while, leave an imprint on us. The human experience is really a constantly evolving and changing thing.

And in speaking of evolution - I feel it poignant to allow a little chat about how AN seems to have really taken a back seat in my life. I stopped caring. I stopped being afraid of my body. I stopped fearing my body changing. I can go out with my friends late at night and drink a pitcher of beer, eat nearly a dozen wings and feel no regrets and don't punish myself for the rest of the week. I can eat Ben and Jerry's right out of the pint and not worry because I know I'll stop when I'm satisfied. BTW if you can find the "Cinnamon Buns" flavor - you MUST buy it. Seriously, the best ice cream I've ever had thus far in life. I've gone adventuring around MA after a night of dancing and rocking out to my favorite band. I've gone dancing, sang a karaoke duet with a boy I just met, and made new friends every time I go out. I've gotten lost in New Haven at 3AM. I rode a mechanical bull! I have done so many things I never thought I would do. I go to the gym, I lift weights and despite my not really keeping track of what/how much I'm eating - I am still extremely happy with my body. Maybe, maybe the key to being happy with what you see on the outside is learning to love what you are on the inside, and living a life that makes you smile.

Now, I can finally see and appreciate who I am. I am Victora. I'm the girl with the big heart, who's always laughing. I'll break your balls any day of the week, and I can appreciate a good roast right back. I don't play games. I don't take anyone's b.s. My friends like to say I have a big set of brass balls, actually. I'm a little crazy but only in the best possible way. I'll always be willing to listen, though what I have to say may not always be what you want to hear. But I could care less, because if I'm being honest with you - that means I care enough and respect you enough to not want to to be anything less than open.

In a nutshell - I'm doing well. I found out just yesterday that one of my courses for the upcoming semester has been cancelled. Kind of irritated that they didn't notify me til a week before school starts. But! But! The upshot here is, the class that was cancelled probably wouldn't have been credited at my transfer school anyways. AND! I don't have to worry about how many hours I'm getting at work now. Oh! Speaking of work. Guess who got a pay raise! ME! I did the math, and with the extra cents per hour plus the fact that I'm averaging 30+ hours a week - I am making an extra $100 a month. Which kind of rocks. Pays for all the gas money spent galavanting around here to there and all of my partying and eating out. So woo hoo!

I think that's all for now loves. If there's anything you guys would like to see in a post, or have me write about - feel free to leave a comment and lmk. I feel like I'm new to this alllll over again and am kind of without direction at the moment haha.


  1. I am happ for you that ou finally see and appreciate the person you are. Everthing happens for a reason that is something I always believe in.

  2. I am so happy for you and this freedom you have. It's so inspiring that you now see what a wonderful, beautiful person you are and you are living the life that you deserve! I always love reading your posts!

  3. This was such a lovely update! It's so inspiring reading all of your posts - even the ones where you were struggling (how long ago that was!). Really, there are a lot of readers who don't comment. I've read your blog for a long time and only commented now because I felt too embarrassed to before, and I figure if you know there's at least three people reading you'll keep posting. :3
    It's really good to hear from you again. Sometimes I get worried when people with ED's stop posting on their blogs or the internet - call me paranoid, but I get scared they're struggling, though I couldn't really assume that of you. :)
    I feel so happy for you! You're so completely different from the person I remember reading about, you ARE Victoria now.

  4. Waaaah :D Now if you're not a role model, I don't know what you are. The new guy is lucky to have met you, I hope it'll work and that he's a good guy. I'm glad you are strong enough to not dwell on your break up.

    Congrats on the raise :)...gotta love the extra $. And congrats on your new super social skills! That's very impressive :D

    Thnks for the tip on Cinnamon Bun. I'll keep an eye on it. Feels good to eat it from the pint, huh? It tastes better than if it was in a bowl.

  5. WOW!!! I am SO insanely happy for you! This post was really encouraging to read. You have come so far with your ED, its so inspiring and gives me SO MUCH hope! So thanks for always being so open :)