Friday, October 12, 2012

I am a full-time student. I now only work 16 hours a week. 

I make about $350 every two weeks.

They now tax out $85 on my 350. When I worked 32 hours a week, they only taxed about $90 on my $600.

When I first started working the taxes were significantly less. I know taxes have gone up. But for fuck's sake, I am a student. I drive FIFTY miles to school and back, four days a week. Even with my car that gets 35/mpg on the highway - when we include driving to work, the grocery store, the gym - that's about $40/week in gas - and this is all assuming I don't sit in traffic for an hour (which I frequently do). How am I supposed to save money here?

Why am I paying for people's health insurance, when I wasn't even granted my own until LAST YEAR. I only receive health insurance from Walmart now because I've worked well over 3000 hours. That's right, I worked for it. I work to have my insurance, my car, my life. And I am so appalled that while I bust my ass to make a piddling pay check every week, there are people who come into my store with wads of hundred dollar bills in their pockets and pay me with food stamps. It sickens me. Equality doesn't mean you get a third of the money I worked for. Equality means you have the same chance to make the same money, or better, if you fucking work for it.  Civil liberties means you get the same opportunities as everyone else, regardless of color or religion or what have you - not food stamps, free housing and free cell phones. I understand that people struggle - oh I do. My father worked in construction and sometimes he'd be unemployed for half of the year. But when he was working, he'd work 60-70 hours a week. 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It's called being a good worker, and having a strong work ethic. Perhaps this is where my intolerance comes from - I was brought up being told that you work hard to get where you want, you don't expect handouts. And it seems like more and more, that's all anyone in this country wants.

Tax the people who work, give their money to people who don't. The people in need. Yeah, please. I'm far from being wealthy. And being taxed for $200/month probably doesn't sound like a lot. But when you're only making $700 in a whole month to begin with, that is almost a third of my income. It just doesn't make sense to me, how people justify this. I've worked my ass off just about every day that I've gone to work. I didn't get the raise I was promised, the raise I deserved. But I still work just as hard as I did before. Because I can, and because I really don't know any other way. And because I want to be successful in life and I don't want to be one of those people who slacks off and waits for others to pick up my pieces. Because I was raised to be proud, and to take care of myself. And part of taking care of yourself is doing your job, and doing it well so you can keep that job. And part of being proud is not wanting to fail at something because you didn't put forth your best effort.
I know there are in fact lots of people out there trying to better themselves, and high five to all of us. But there are still also many people who don't try at all.

I'll never stop trying. Regardless of how angry that makes me. Because, if I stop trying, I'll be one of those people too.


  1. Hell to the yes. Taxes are depressing as hell. I would like to choose precisely where my tax money is spent, say, by donating it to charities of my choice.

  2. Tori, your views are so passionately and truthfully stated. They are also deeply shared by many of us hardworking students.

    Fortunately, we have an election coming up where we can make our voices heard and opinions known. Obama believes in taking from not only the well-off but even the middle class, and spreading our hard-earned money around to those who just choose not to work. I understand that some people truly do need assistance, but not 50% of Americans. It is not fair for us to be expected to support those who would rather sit home all day and live on the government dole. If Obama were to be reelected, taxes will increase further. In addition, there are over twenty tax hikes that will hit us under ObamaCare. For instance, every time you use your Debit card, $1.50 of your money will go directly to the government. Very few people know that, I am sure, so just think about how many other corrupt and unjust things coming our way. I believe in an America where people work as diligently as you do, Tori, and I truly hope things will turn out right for your sake. :)

  3. I thought you would really agree with and enjoy this...!/DerrickAColeman/media/slideshow?